“A cave is an entrance to darkness, to depth and the unknown, and so even the mouth of the cave is at the margin of contact with death, nearer to the grave than to life. Of particular interest are the numerous finds from excavations at the mouth of Hrustovača Cave near Sanski Most, at the confluence of the Sana and Una Rivers, along whose courses it was easiest to travel into western Bosnia and further to the Adriatic. The decoration on Hrustovača Cave ceramics links us to the cave at Pokrivenik on the island of Hvar, where there are Vučedol Culture finds. The view from the sea to the cave’s entrance on the steep shore is as though copied from the Hrustovača ceramic decoration. Caves above the water, particularly above the ocean, and the places where they meet are a shamanic space yielding insights into the relation of life with death, from which the Vučedolians saw no return.
This very relation to death manifests a close connection to Ancient Greek civilization, which has transmitted it to our days.”
                                                                                           prof. dr. Aleksandar Durman