The project of shooting the Vucedol Secrets series is an inspiring, creative, and challenging process and it came to the fore especially in the moment of filming a real casting into replicas of Vučedol molds. We can say with certainty that we initiated the first casting of Vučedol axes from the ancient year 2500 BC.
The founders are the lords of fire and furnace, and when life-threatening arsenic bronze enters their work, Megaron of the copper founder is not only a workshop but also a temple dedicated to the Vučedol god of fire and casting.
The technology of changing the structure of nature – ore, and metal – could only be explained by myths. Thus the founder who changes the structure of nature has become the one who communicates with the supernatural.
We filmed the connection between the types of metals and technology through characters from Greek mythology and it can be seen in the film Vučedol Partridge, the second film in the series of five.
The casting itself was recorded in the SVIM metal foundry in Mali Erjavec not far from Karlovac. Many thanks to father and son Stjepan and Ivan Štrucelj, who are one of the few in Croatia who cast metal in the original way.