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Dear friends who love archeology and film and follow the development of our project through which we discover the secrets of the ancient people of Vučedol, we would like to thank you for being a part of this story for already three years of filming.
We’ve been through a lot over those three years and we did a great job putting our heart into it. Because of it, we would like to show you how we did it:
· 38 terms/days of recording in the studio
· 15 dates/days of filming on the site
· 30 terms/days of recording/digitization in museums in Zagreb, Sarajevo, Vinkovci, Osijek, and Vukovar
· So far, about a hundred actors and technicians embed their talent into this project
· Two and a half years of work on the visualization of settlements in 3D
· Countless hours of aerial photography of the site
· We made a complete architectural reconstruction of the houses in the settlement and Megaron based on specifically researched flooring and their sketches
· We reconstructed clothes and footwear from the scratch to the last detail, using only natural materials used by the ancient Vučedol people, such as leather and linen.
· We made props in the same authentic way
· The prehistoric night of Venus and Mars entered the official competition of ten European and world festivals and was crowned with two prestigious awards
· The Vučedol partridge is waiting for its premiere in March 2021 and we are applying it for the festivals
· We are building digital marketing by which we are trying to present our series and Vučedol culture to the general public and soon we will present the official website of the Vučedol secrets series.
Many thanks to all the actors, technicians, professional associates, volunteers, and everyone who is a part of this project.
Vučedol culture museum is our mainstay in everything we need including advice, props, and space. Thank you very much for your cooperation!
Also, a big thanks to prof. Dr. Aleksandar Durman, who takes each scene so deeply that sometimes a tear gets running down his cheek …
From the very beginning, we have been supported and accompanied by our sponsor, the City of Vukovar. They recognized the strategic interest of this project and we are so thankful for that!
The Tourist Board of the city of Vukovar is another one in a series of institutions that recognize, share, and support our vision. Visit Vukovar, thank you for being with us!
Big thanks to all the museums that consider our work authentic and are always helpful and cooperative – Vinkovci City Museum & Archaeological Museum in Zagreb – AMZ.
In this new year that has only just begun, we continue at the same pace so we could deliver you two more films from the series, Night Sky and The Life of Vučedol, in which we will reveal still unknown Vučedol secrets and feed both our and your curiosity with new and exciting discoveries.
Stay tuned!


During development, production, and financing, DESIGN STUDIO D collaborates with experts from various fields so it could bring epic stories to life. STUDIO has a priority approach to the best creative talents.

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