Vučedol Partridge

The second movie “Vučedol Partridge”  tells the story about the most advanced metallurgy in Europe and that story begins in 1938 at the cult place of the archaeological site Vučedol where was excavated a bird that represents a partridge. The 5000 years old partridge was found buried in front of the entrance to the so-called “Megaron of the Copper Founder”, named by a German archeologist Robert Rudolf Schmidt, who conducted research in Vucedol in 1938.

The technology of changing the structure of nature (ores, liquids and metals) could only be explained through myths and the founder who changes the structure of nature becomes the one who communicates with the supernatural. It is the Greco-Roman mythology that sought to explain these civilizational technological achievements related to the casting and alteration of the structure of nature, which the founder was creating. Thus the Vucedol bird became the oldest symbol of metallurgy and it merged technology and mythology. The founders are the lords of fire and furnace and the Megaron of the copper founder is not only a workshop but also a temple dedicated to the Vučedol god of fire and casting.



Aleksandar Durman

Darko Puharić

Goran Dragaš