The Prehistoric Night of Venus and Mars Premiere

At one of the most significant sites in Europe, at Vučedol, near Vukovar, a grave discovered in 1985 had 8 burials: a man, a woman laid beside him in a man’s position, and six other women. This unusual grave yielded a unique vessel – the Vučedol terrine, a richly ornate vessel. Asymmetrically carved and inlaid sequence of symbols on a unique foundation was read and interpreted by Aleksandar Durman, PhD, years-long researcher of Vučedol, as an image of the sky above Vučedol in a certain moment. The position of the deceased and the unique vessel, indicate the connection between the events on the sky. The pictographic script on the terrine reveals specific dates, the mass grave with eight deceased recording thus the oldest date in human Prehistory.

The Prehistoric Night of Venus and Mars is the first film of the series Vučedol secrets and it presents this historical story in a documentary way.

The film premieres at the 5th International Archeological Film Festival (MFAF), in Split (from 8th to 9th of November, 2018) and we are proudly  presenting the actors.