While we are preparing for the premiere of the second film of the Vučedol Secrets series, VUČEDOL PARTRIDGE, we are recalling how the most famous Croatian film historian, director, writer, and actor Daniel Rafelić commented on the first film of the series PREHISTORIC NIGHT OF VENUS AND MARS as well as the entire project. His words are even more relevant today, after the end of the second film and amid the shooting of the third. We find his kind words a lasting source of motivation.
“This film rises above a whole bunch of similar films. Unfortunately, Croatia is not a pioneer in archeological film, but the film that Mr. Puharić made in collaboration with professor Aleksandar Durman, stands out ten spears from other films of this kind. They have made something relevant on a global scale, as evidenced by numerous world awards. How this film was made, and how will the next films be made, shows how quality and profession have finally matured in our country. This quality hybrid of the documentary-feature film opens a universal door of understanding. During the 1990s, we had very bad examples of being pushed into a documentary and it looked awful. Now is the time for both digital photography and computer-generated images to raise the level of quality reconstruction of the site, and the feature part had to follow that and that is the way the quality cultural product was created,” said Rafaelić.