The series of photographs “Vučedol Secrets” was created as part of the author’s collaboration in the project of the same name. The ultimate goal was to create a series of photographs using the technique of light painting, which, according to the specifics of the technique and the end result, will perfectly compare the visual impression and mysticism that should evoke the image of Venus. Like the bright light of the planet Venus that appears and disappears in the sky, the image of Venus in the photographs mysteriously rise or disappears into the blackness of space. A specific method of illuminating individua! parts of the model, achieved a unique visual impulse and fluid body shape, with an emphasis on the characteristic Vučedol images on the body. The secrets and beauty of the past are written in the stars, and the mysticism and beauty of our Venus, Paula Čaić, are stopped and recorded by light.
ln July 2020, Maja Gjajić (1996) completed a printmaking module at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and projects and has won many awards. Her current more intensive work takes place in the field of graphic design and illustration, and in terms of artistic creation, the process of researching the theme of the phenomenon of trave! and its implications in personal art continues.
lnstagram: gjajic_maja