The beauty and the lure of the sky has never left us indifferent. From prehistory to the present day, stars have fascinated people for millennia. Astron in Greek means star and Astronomy is the science of celestial bodies. There is nothing more beautiful than celestial bodies placed above us to watch them: stars, Sun, Moon, planets …. Our interest in astronomy dates back to ancient times, and our ancestors kept a very detailed record of the movements of celestial bodies, including daily, monthly, and annual positions. They formulate theories and followed cycles in an attempt to explain the universe. Theories moved from the mystical and religious to the scientific spectrum until today’s science – ASTRONOMY. The power of the mind and the richness of observed phenomena throughout human history must not be neglected or forgotten. We can only be proud because our Slavonian plain hides secrets on objects buried a few meters below the ground, on pictographic records that are actually drawn maps of the night sky above Vinkovci, Vučedol, Sarvaš … thousands of years before us ..
…. more of this theme you can find in our third film Night Sky. We are preparing a double premiere in the spring – Vučedol partridge and Night sky.