Shooting location: Arr by the river Vuka – Bogdanovci
The Hollywood film “Romance of a Horsethief” with Yul Brynner was shot 50 years ago at the same location. These days, in the same place, the film tradition has continued.
Produced by DESIGN STUDIO D and directed by Darko Puharić according to the script by prof. Dr. Aleksandar Durman, we filmed the fourth sequel to the series called “The Life of a Vučedol man”. After the engagement of world-famous actor Armand Assante, this was our biggest production venture which included 33 actors, 14 technicians, 23 scenes …
THANKS to everyone who was part of the VUČEDOL SECRETS team !!!!
Thanks to our main partner and patron THE CITY OF VUKOVAR!
Thanks to the host MUNICIPALITY OF BOGDANOVCI and all other partners on this project.
Photo: Miroslav Šlafhauzer