Feature scenes

We continued filming feature scenes! We filmed the staging of the discovery of the Vučedol Partridge at the Vučedol site in 1938.
The bird was excavated at the archeological site Vučedol in 1938 and represents a partridge which is about 5000 years old. The partridge was found buried in front of the entrance to the so-called Megaron of the copper founder, as the object was named by German archaeologist Robert Rudolf Schmidt who researched Vučedol in 1938.
The costume design from 1938 was done by our faithful collaborator on all films, Zrinka Merčep. Our actors, led by a friend, partner, and actor Marko Sabljaković, played scenes of the excavation
of the partridge and other objects found in the same pit.
Many thanks to the Museum of Vučedol Culture, which allowed us to film at the site, and the biggest thanks to the director of the Museum Mirela Hutinec for support, advice, and coordination on this project. We used the original props so that this display has even more credibility.