The VUČEDOL SECRETS project was initiated and built by the screenwriter dr. sc. Aleksandar Durman and director Darko Puharić. Modern film technology has brought to life a scenario based on lifelong research, work, and scientific interpretations of the world-renowned archaeologist dr. sc. Durman. With this collaboration, the VUČEDOL SECRETS project has become a unique blend of art and science that introduces its viewers to the ancient times of the Vučedol civilization, whose secrets dr. sc. Durman has persistently exposing from the very beginning of his scientific career.
Dr. sc. Alexander Durman was a professor at the Department of Archeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, and also the head of the Department of Archaeometry and Methodology, and by his work, he directed archeology towards the natural sciences, which contributed to a more exact cognition of all life in the past.
Durman’s work is recognized and appreciated all over the world, and he uses his scientific influence in the best possible way, helping his homeland to build a modern civilization, whose deep roots are in the foundations of all his researches. VUČEDOL SECRETS is one more project on this trail, and with his script, Durman tells us that our world is anchored in a great past, which is a key part of the European and world heritage to which we rightfully belong.