Filming of the second movie “Vučedol Partridge” (“Vučedolska jarebica”) is in progress.“VUČEDOL PARTRIDGE” (“VUČEDOLSKA JAREBICA”):Duration: 51 min,4K 2160p format,Screenplay by: ALEXANDER DURMAN,Director and producer: DARKO PUHARIĆ,Production: “DESIGN STUDIO D”, Vukovar Premiere in Vukovar: END OF MAY 2019
After the first film “Prehistoric Night of Venus and Mars” (“Prapovijesna noć Venere i Marsa”) was screened at some European and world festivals, we continued to shoot another sequel.
This five-part historical movie series about the Vučedol culture (3000-2500 BC) visualizes the greatest achievements and high standards of culture that was dominant in Europe at the time. It is the first film to enter the official selection at eleven different film festivals around the world (Rome / ITALY, Sarajevo / BIH, Oxaca / MEXICO, Chennai / INDIA, Glasgow / IRELAND, New York / USA, Sarajevo Jahorina / BIH, Berlin / GERMANY, Szolnok / HUNGARY, Licodia Eubea / SICILY-ITALY, Split / CROATIA) and which has won two awards (in Mexico and Sarajevo) and by doing so, it paved the way for even bigger and even better promotion of Vučedol, Vukovar and Croatian cultural heritage.
Thanks to Professor Alexander Durman, who has devoted almost all of his life work to this topic, “DESIGN STUDIO D” (with a quality production team and the support of the City of Vukovar) will have produced all five films by the end of 2021. With the opening of our own video chroma key studio in Vukovar, we will surely raise the level of quality in a technical-interpretative sense.
The second movie “Vucedol Partridge” (“Vučedolska jarebica”) will be about the most advanced metallurgy in Europe. The bird was excavated at the cult place of the archaeological site Vučedol in 1938; it represents a partridge and is about 5000 years old. The partridge was found buried in front of the entrance to the so-called “Megaron of the Copper Founder”, named by a German archeologist Robert Rudolf Schmidt, who conducted research in Vucedol in 1938. The technology of changing the structure of nature (ores, liquids and metals) could only be explained through myths. Thus the smelter who changes the structure of nature becomes the one who communicates with the supernatural. It is the Greco-Roman mythology that sought to explain these civilizational technological achievements related to the casting and alteration of the structure of nature, which the founder was creating. Thus the Vucedol bird became the oldest symbol of metallurgy and it merged technology and mythology. (The first part of the shoot had a theme from the Greek mythology) copyright © design studio d 2020.